Tuesday, May 26, 2015

hardcore heroes #1 and #4 - slight return

New Miro Pajic tune "Heart Department" with Mover Rmx!

Miro + Chesler tune from a few years ago with Mover Rmx

The original version of "Heart Department"


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Speaking of writing books Simon I reckon you should devote one to European Hardcore, Gabber, Doomcore, Gloomcore and you could probably go back further to EBM,New Beat & whatever else was going on, maybe proto-techno and what they now call minimal wave. I dunno? If I had the money I'd commission you to follow this project. As you've shown recently this scene has withstood the test of time considerably well despite its original ephemerality. The big thing I have learnt from your series is that I didn't know Jack Lucifer or Stickhead was Miro aka Reign despite having most of the Kotzaak catalogue. Sometimes I don't pay close attention to stuff. It's a real toss up for me between Marc Arcardipane and The Dr Macabre as to who is the greatest in this scene. I guess that's a great conflict to have in the mind. I mean does anyone really decide between the Beatles & Stones? There is no need is there as it's not sport and they're both great so who cares? Just enjoy I suppose....


yeah i wish you were a commissioning editor at a publisher, because otherwise it's fairly unlikely anyone would cough up the cash for me to do such a project - more's the pity.

might be something to pursue as an e-book at some point.... problem with gloomcore is the cross section of people who like the music and would like a historical-intellectual analysis of it is fairly small

hardcore heroes series is going a rest for a bit as i need to buckle down to finish the glam book (which is what led to me to the sharpies, via Slade and GGlitter's popularity in Australia).... got huge number of heroes to deal with when i get back to it. next up would be Bodysnatch and Satin Storm and maybe Martin Damm aka Speedfreak et al - but there's at least a dozen other candidates, if not more especially when i start getting into labels as clusters of artists