Sunday, June 1, 2014

it's grime up north

always liked that strand of Bassline that featured MCs like Murks and Bonez -  pretty much "garage rap" if it had never turned into grime - fast, fey-voiced raps over woogly warpbass and 4-to-the-floor.

dominic datwun  points to me a cat who kept on with that sub-style - DJ Pantha

while also doing "some  insanely 'real' grime

and sort of bass-line meets drum & bass

and now apparently he's prospering as a house producer under the name Arun Verone

with tracks like this

and like this: 

must say i can't hear the connection between this techy house he's doing now and what came before ....  to me  it's where the teleologic of the nuum peters out

although dom says "watch for the little 'ardcore synth strings interlude on the second build" so maybe there will be half-life and quarter-life traces still faintly detectable

but to me, the techhouse-ification of the pirates = the end of the road(z)

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