Sunday, May 25, 2014

rave echoes, continued

the scritch of that synth tonality is totally "Apocalypse Never", tres tres Renegade Legion/Reign gloomcore circa 1997

but the smash-beats have a timbral penetration that is distinctively now!ist - high-def, definitely  - unnaturally vivid -- too real to feel, almost

After  an early flush of enthusiasm  I stopped following the New Jersey Club / DJ Sliink stuff... wonder why it is now that it is getting the uptake by your nu-IDM types, the beat omnivores?

it is all IDM, isn't it?

but now the I in IDM stands for "Internet" - Internet Dance Music.

Atemporal, post-geographic...

It takes the form(s), the structural features of body-coercive, crowd-catalysing genres (SDM, stupid dance musics)....

But the Internet is a playspace for minds, not bodies...

So this a cerebral aura even when it seems frenzied or banging

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