Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jaxxing house / "gully and fruity"

 Dominic Morris points me towards this spiffing  package of "retro-hardcore X bassline" from the aptly named Sheffield label Offmenut Records

Sort of maximalist bassline...  or Jaxxing house (as in Basement...)

Incidentally Dom tells me that nobody calls it jackin' anymore.... the flava-denuded term "house and bass" has taken over, signifying an intent to expand audience range to the house mainstream

Offmenut seem to be going the other direction, with a thoroughly atemporal omni-Nuum approach that is ravenously regurgitative - as the label blurb has it "rave/bassline/techno/jungle/breakcore/ We are into anything that is vibin'"

Viz, another nut-E-1 on the label, putting the ludic in ludicrous - like Raffertie going bassline

Blurb's a  giggle:

"Matlocks top bassline team make their debut full EP on Off Me Nut , with this 7 tracker packed full of screecherz ! 4x4 whistleman style bangerz 2 get tha party jumpin about with dem fingaz in tha air ! With both gully and fruity riddims , this can cater for the rudeboy who loves to slip on the pink ben sherman and then slip it off again when too buss up and start skankin about like a complete fruitcake . Get this one 'ere , now !"

"Both gully and fruity"!

 Check the flyer for this label anniversary party from last year -- lineup of Luke Vibert, Krome & Time and Steptoe (an alias for Shitmat)

Playing in the "Rave Cave" are S.0.G., or  Squire of Gothos. That name rings a vague bell.... but i thought they were in the vicinity of filthsteppas like Stenchman. Not really, they're rather more omNuumivirous than that: 

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