Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Strange days we living through in this atemporal age of ours! Viz, Trancework: a fizzy, superfun collision between 90s trance and 00s footwork, orchestrated by We Buy Gold in collaboration with London fashion brand Long Clothing.

You can download the compilation with the full length tracks for free here.

There is also a Mike Paradinas mix using tracks from Trancework here.

From the press release: 

"TRANCEWORK is what happens when you get 19 of the world’s best bass music producers to refix Ibiza Trance Classics at 160 beats-per-minute, an alternative Ibiza Annual where Cosmic Culture hits the streets, Tiesto gets turned up with Teklife and 808 kicks and claps inspire clubbers to reach for the lasers. An all night flight from London, Glasgow, Oslo, New York, Texas and Chicago, straight to Ibiza Airport and all the way back again"

Here's the track list:
Da Hool - Meet her at the Love Parade (Slick Shoota Remix)
Paul Van Dyk - For an angel (Gash & Simtek Remix)
CRW - I feel love (Nikes & Mike G Remix)
Storm - Storm (Sarantis Remix)
Binary Finary - 1998 (Taz Remix)
ATB - 9pm (til I come) (DJ Paypal Remix)
Fragma - Toca’s miracle (Ticklish Remix)
DJ Jean - The launch (My Life Extra LDN 94 Remix)
System F - Out of the blue (Junglord Remix)
Age of Love - Age of Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar (Deville Remix)
Mauro Picotto- Iguana (Wheez-ie Bootleg)
Chicane - Saltwater (Leatherface Remix)
Moogwai - Viola (Sidney Looper Remix)
Albion - Air (Footmerc Remix)
DJ Dado - X Files (DJ Flawlez Remix)
Olive - You’re not alone (EQ Why Remix)
Alice Deejay - Better off alone (Shauny B VIP)
Robert Miles - Children (Sines Remix)    

Also fun is this long YouTube clip + commentaries job by Joe Muggs for FACT that sifts through the first half of the 90s for early trance classics. 

One of Joe's inclusions I was actually looking to post the other day as wry comment on the recent flurry of quakes in Southern California, except memory failed me and so did Google: 

 And here's one that Joe didn't include that I always thought was immense: 

Very close really to some of the Dance Ecstasy 2001 stuff

Like this one -- acid, hardtrance, or gabba? 


Shane L said...

Plus Ongaku's Mihon series on Rising High. They were the trancers I allowed myself to like at the time...

Perhaps not as fromagey as Energy 52 et al but hey

Shane L said...

Ongaku's Mihon on Rising High. They were the trancers I permitted myself to like at the time. Stella by J&S wasn't too bad also.

I know things have gotten dull since the UK bass heads have discovered their dad's record collections and gone all digital Ocean Colour Scene on us but we don't need to rehabilitate trance surely....