Sunday, April 20, 2014

eon's ago

another h-core classic never realised there was a video for

darkside before darkside

this one is Ian Loveday's masterpiece though

Think I reviewed this for the Melody Maker Singles Page. Had this pre-rave-conversion phase of loving and buying and writing about techno whenever it swam into my ken (DHS "House of God", heard on Peel, bought at Brixton record store Red) or turned up in the MM box of singles and 12s to review. But I was writing from a position not fully inside the music, let's say.

Losing it, a bit

"white coat mix", tee hee. but forgot, or never knew, there was a "black coat mix"

interesting version by J. Saul Kane of "Spice" - loping and ninja

don't remember this one at all

nor knew about this Eon single that Discogs places between "Inner Mind" and "Basket Case"

complete with a Juan Atkins rmx on the flip

or is it two versions?

yet another version of "Spice"

and some early efforts in an acieed tekno new beat bass'n' bleepy zone


RIP Ian Loveday aka Eon - talented geezer

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