Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Show Me Some Signal" - interesting piece on the history of pirate radio in New York - or rather "Caribbean Pirate Radio"

always had the impression that pirate radio in America was rarely music-oriented, much more political - left-wing radicals railing against the corporate-controlled mainstream media

however saw a programme once, or a documentary (i can't remember) about Miami Bass and it turned out that scene has its own pirate stations, I guess because the music is too bass-intensive and lewd for any commercial stations down there to play it. (There is also a Haitian community pirate radio station in Miami -- Touche Douce  - and awfully, one of the people who ran it, Baz Normal, died in an antenna-maintenance related tragedy)

so perhaps there are insular-scene / minority-genre pirates scattered all over the USA? Is there a footwork pirate? A hyphy pirate?

and in fact I did once play on a Brooklyn pirate station that was all about music - albeit very different from the ones I was so obsessed with in London, much more a hipster oriented music policy (this was in Williamsburg, back when Williamsburg was Williamsburg, just starting to be Williamsburg in fact). So the guy before me was playing stuff like Anthony Braxton. However I did get to play my-idea-of-pirate-radio-ish stuff - a set of nuum-y things plus The Mover and whatnot -- unmixed but aesthetically congruent and logical in its escalation, i like to think

the Red Bull article mentions this track which is one of my absolute favorites and have used at the start of talks like "Just 4 U London" on Londoncentrity in UK dance or indeed the FACT/Liverpool talk on the Hardcore Continuum

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