Wednesday, July 3, 2013

playin' Footsie

Man like Kristian of Braindead Entertainment gets in touch about these CD compilations of early grimestrumentals made by Footsie of the Newham Generals - mostly tracks that were played on pirate radio but never released. The retrospectives are entitled King Original Vol 1 (came out last year, covers 2004-2006) and King Original Vol 2 (just out now) and they are both really excellent.

You can buy Vol 1 here
and Vol 2 here

Now Man Like Kristian says this music is actually heard at its utmost in the mix, and directed me to these mixes. The first, by Spooky, works with Vol 1, and was done for his Deja FM show. The second, by DJ Tempo, works with Vol 2 + some new Footsie beats, and was done for Big Dada

King Original, incidentally,  was the name of Footsie's father's reggae soundsystem, which prompted in me the thought that, for all the flak I got / get over the Nuum, it really is not just a genreological continuity but in quite a few cases, a genealogical lineage. Father to son, uncle to nephew... many crews that contain brothers or cousins.  Mostly male-to-male: a fratriarchy, yes. But not always. One good counter-example I came across was Mz Bratt, the female MC whose dad was MC Scallywag (as in Spiral Tribe, as in the voice on that 1992 harcore tune by Grant Nelson under the name Xenophobia, "Rush in the House")

Here's a Youtube interview Footsie talks about his dad's influence on him.

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you heard this brand new Jackin/House N Bass remix of Newham Generals by Cause and Affect (AKA Midlands Generals Lorenzo & Ko Kane?