Thursday, June 13, 2013

why Settle for less?

damning Disclosure with faint praise - Rich Juzwiak chats with Daily Swarm's Eric Ducker
"they seamlessly synthesize their influences, but at the same time aren’t exactly breaking new ground"

"definitely agree that there is no invention with Settle. In that sense, it does have the treading water nature of pop, i.e., “Let’s see what we can do with this stuff people already like!” 

"a solid, enjoyable album"

"Settle is kind of saying, “Those weird, scary, niche sounds? They’re not so scary after all.” It feels like a gateway"

"One thing that does make this particularly pop is its cleaning up of dance music"

"it would be really ballsy to make an actual U.K. garage album; Disclosure are too polite for that."

Got Settle but straaaaaaaaaangely un-enticed to give it a listen.

I suspect they have made an album every bit as good as It's All About the Stragglers.

But a lot less timely.

4 Nuumsake, gimme summadat ruffhouse....

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