Saturday, June 15, 2013

fragments of Zeit

Musicophilia blog reactivates after long hibernation for ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream’ (1971-1982) (After Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’) 

a mix woven out of the kind of stuff that might make up the temporal matrix of interlinked styles into which Daft Punk's album might wish to slide itself, through time-travel 

"I put it together as a way of spending more time in the space ‘Random Access Memories’ occupies.  It’s filled with the same warm, wonderful sounds of funky, melancholic robots skirting around the edges of the discotheque, alternately wondering what life’s about and deciding it’s all about forgetting to worry what it’s all about. There’s space disco, library funk, sophisticated rhythmic orchestrations, savvy art-rock, psych-poppers and proggers gone dancefloor, and a singer-songwriter or two"

85 glistening minutes of names familiar and unfamiliar: Amon Duul II, Zeus B. Held, Munich Machine,  Brian Bennett, Francis Personne , Vuolo & Grande, Roland Bocquet, Beaver & Krause,  Harry Nilsson, OMD, The Jacksons, Cerrone, Gino Soccio, Curt Boettcher, Le Orme, Stardrive,William Sheller,  Space Art, Brian Eno and Cluster

 Musicophilia, incidentally, is Ian Manire, dude behind this legendary 1981 box set of postpunk obscurities

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