Sunday, August 12, 2012

this is from 2009, but it could be from now or it could be from 1999

weirdest thing ever -- how D&B went from ever-mutating force to this flatlined changeless same

the above is cut from DJ Hype's 20th Anniversary radio show, with bits of chat from him, about upcoming gigs,  Norwich one night, Fabric the next, Montpelier the one after that

and i'm thinking, imagine living this music, day in and day out, week after week, for the past ten years (2009 to 1999) *

but also all the while knowing, from the inside, from your experience deep in the innermost core of it scenius-ly and creativitly, what it was back when it was

or indeed

 also how do you keep the faith, i wonder, when you can remember when the world was paying utmost attention to  your scene/sound and then it's gone to where nobody but the believers give a monkeys....

still that may change -- apparently J Magik & Wickaman have a got a new project called Mosquito that's got  rocktronica crossover bigtime potential  (Skrillex meets Pendulum meets Daft Punk meets Prodigy, I'm told) so that's something (expand yr audience if not yr sound dimensions)

bonus flashback

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