Wednesday, August 29, 2012

beyond lies the wub - in-depth piece on the history of dubstep and emergence of EDM by Joseph L. Flatley at The Verge --  w/ quotes from me, Martin Clark, Joe Nice and many more

 a quote from me:

 "I just went to the Hard Festival over the weekend. The thing I liked about it was that this was music that had absolutely no sense of the past being better. In house culture, or even dubstep in Britain, there's a lot of referencing of roots reggae, or the early days of house, or the early days of jungle. In dance culture, the purist stuff, there's sort of this in-built reverence to the past. And what I liked about the EDM vibe, there's none of that: it's just like 'now, now, NOW.' And if you happen to know about music you could hear things that harken back to [earlier dance music], but that really doesn't seem to be what the kids are into. I sensed [a vibe of] 'this is our music, this is our generation.'"

a quote from Flatley:

"Despite the circuitous route the genre took, the controversy and the metamorphoses, the promise of dubstep is still a bassline wobble implying something that feels absolutely true: The past is over.

All that matters now is what we do going forward.

So let’s go."

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