Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what the tracks below have in common

is that they're all listed in 'Bass Canon', Spin's list of the top 30 dubstep tracks of all time

i haven't posted all of the list's tracks... and made a point of leavin gout the most not-really-dubstep-lets-be-honest inclusions (Musical Mob 'pulse x', joyO's humphrey mango,  n***gas in paris, girl unit's 'wut'), but even with the "core" ones posted below, what's  striking is precisely that they show the lack of a core to dubstep. Has there ever been a dance genre that's varied so widely in tempo, rhythmic feel, texture, mood?

it's less a genre than a coalition of flavas that all shared a common starting point (jungle/ UKG)

in that sense like postpunk maybe, a possibility space, a permutational zone ....    

of course a hard core has formed within dubstep, since 2006-7, what with the wobble>brostep trajectory, but that development drove all who refused to go along with that monolithic logic to scatter even further away from each other ... the perimeters of the possibility-zone stretched and grew ever more diffuse  =what we reluctantly call postdubstep

but even before "postdubstep", dubstep had a post-ness to it, it was post-garage, post-jungle-- it wasn't as defined or delimited as either jungle or garage were

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