Wednesday, February 29, 2012

piece by andrew ryce in Resident Advisor on the convergence of "bass music"/dubstep with house

a development that has doubtless led to a plenitude of "quality", nice-vibe-creating, dance-friendly music

but just seems like such a boring development (back to house, again?)

i instinctively side with this comment, by one Scurvydom, out of the 80 odd comments the piece has elicited:

"Of course there's good House out there, of course House can be gully, but in the UK context I can't help but see this move towards techy-deepy-polite piano House as a massive retrograde step, a watering down of vibe, a loss of ambition and an unnecessary compromise that surrenders the ground of ruff energy to the Skrillex lot.

"I want to go to a club and hear forward thinking music which makes me bust a gunfinger and demand a wheelup, not some well produced mild-garage-influence-shuffly 4x4 shit to tap my feet to."

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