Tuesday, February 7, 2012

modern-ish versus modernist

they're back!

this sounds like a record from 1991

"unique rap-rave group from South Africa" says Dave, rap-rave = hip-house right?

i love it, I love them, I'm glad they didn't just crawl away with their tails between their legs after the flop of the first album, i'm looking forward to hearing Ten$ion

but it sounds like a record from 1991

i find this.... eerie

i mean, even so, it sounds more modern than Adele, just as tracks by Pitbull and LMFAO and Flo Rida and the rest sound more modern than Adele

so if there's going to be throwbacks, i'd rather the charts were full of this stuff, stuff that throws back less far back than Adele-type music does

but still

the fact that it actually still sounds quite modern, modern-ish, is perhaps what's really perplexing

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