Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Latest tracks by LIT CITY

tips courtesy Dominic Morris

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Jak said...


j cush aka azizaman aka one of the ghetto teknitianz also did a remix of T2's filth which is pretty cool.

apparently he lived in London for some years, and grime is his 2nd love musically. in fact I do believe that he's releasing a juke + grime mix soon with fellow tekklife DJ Manny aka Earl's brother(?)... Nice to hear that the London <3 <-> Chicago thing's working mutually-ish...

aziza also did a GREAT little riff recently-ish on dissensus where he said that everyone making footwork right now was shit apart from the ghetto tekz, and that the fact that we like the 'goofy' stuff like dj diamond and dj nate over here in the UK shows that we 'can't hear the real from the weak.' signs off by calling everyone 'PUSSIES'


scroll down...it's really good stuff.

dissensus badman luka responded with "i wondr if wiley used to frequent music forums based in the midwest of america circa 2002 and hector users about the superiority of roll deep and how if they listened to nasty or boys in da hood they were pussies" which i think was very apt of him lol...