Thursday, January 19, 2012

concept of the week: "bass-stardization"

as in

"Skrillex, and Bassnectar’s hyper-masculine “bass-tardizations” of London’s originally minimalist dubstep"


i like that coinage a lot

it is interesting how the poptimist / inverse-snobbery / trolling-the-purists position is to claim to prefer Skillrex/brostep to proper dubstep/tastefulness-anemicized-postdubstep

hey, i patented that move!

original wobble-defender me

actually i'm more like John Kerry, I was against the Wobble, before i was in favour of it

circa-2006 wobble was oppressive and boring (when it was minimal wobble)

2009-onwards diorrhea/vomit-splattery wobble is A/ bit of a blast, bit of gabba-cartoony laugh B/ the populist option needing defence from the Taste Police

it's all about timing, see

now the poptimists are on it, i shall have to drop it like a hot potato though

this really ought to un-cooptable though, seeing as the Doors are like Rockism-in-excelsis

never struck me that there's an actual musical affinitity there, the baroquely overwraught Basslines actually not unlike Manzarek's keyboard solos -

not enough Doors in this though

back to that piece

i don't think i've even heard one bit of K-pop
its celebrants put me off

maybe i should give it a go, though, if it's "maximalist"

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