Friday, April 22, 2011

>>>>hyper-stasis alert>>>>>

press release for a new compilation of Moonbahton:
"next in Mad Decent's 'Blow Your Head' series - "BYH V. 2 -Dave Nada presents Moombahton". They're putting these out to introduce new genres with the biggest artists from that scene Moombahton (sub-genre of Global Bass/Tropical) put simply is Dutch House slowed down to Reggaeton's 108bpm..."

zigzagging across archival space innit

(plus didn't New Beat do the slowing down house move back in the late Eighties?)

but i shall dutifully give it a fair listen, like i always do


well i'm still dl-ing the comp but judging by this, which seems to be the foundational text....

it's kind of like funky house if it was made by gabbers rather than UKgaragers

it's.... alright!

brash and banging

what an odd convoluted genesis for a genre though: "When reggaeton left the islands and reached Europe, the Dutch sped it up and called it 'bubblin' which led to all the Dutch house stuff. Time goes by, and then you slowed it back down after it got 'housed' by Europe. So with moombahton, it all comes back full circle in a brand new light."

wait a minute though, that track's not 108 bpm... so that Afrojack remix, that's the bubblin sound (reggaeton housed up), and then Moombahton is the slowed down version of that... (i'm working this out in real-time)

i'll have to listen to the comp, but i would have thought that would be a bit... sluggish?

anyways a new twist, a new fold, eh?

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Belize Resort said...

Boo-ya! What a gwan! I like how you put that SIMON REYNOLDS! Props to you!