Saturday, April 23, 2011


sampletext tribute to the centrepiece of this upcoming exhibition

those shocking, shaking days
the first mindless explosion
nationwide insanity
pirouettes through a dance of dynamite

endless and perfect and changeless beat
the music surges and returns and pauses
surges even while pausing
pauses and surges and pumps again
no distance or direction, only impenetrable light, the endless pump
pump and pound
pump and pund
selling England by the pund

annihilating rhythm
slaved to the rhythm
slaves to the rave
clocking in at the noise factory
a machine gone mad
(keep stomping you bastards)
repetition in the music and we're never going to lose it
i'm losing it i'm losing it i've lost it

lost in music
caught in a trap
dance yourself into a new constriction
rhythm as manacle
groove lockdown

come on let's submerge
somewhere in the lost zones
an atmosphere shaking with sound, charged with smoke and numinous

i've seen them move and it blows my eyes
the floor's an ocean and this wave is breaking
the sound goes round and we start to climb
inside the ride
a god dances through me
grace appears with zero consciousness or infinite consciousness - with the puppet or the god

fists of solid air
white darkness
shiversighs, rapt gasps
deep hurting techno
like being turned inside out, smeared, penetrated
tungsten glare
the fog of absolute proximity
an arched spine, a head thrown back
death ray riffs strobe your flesh
the sound that transfixes
air trembling with intangible fever

regressive secession
departure from duration

blips of oblivion
well out of that and into this
perforations in the fabric of time and space
death by a thousand cut-aways

all these moments
will be lost in time

see my face
not a trace
no reality

faceless faces
flat skin
foetus pallor
china white marble eye
pupils expanded, exploding

disfigured with love
G-force pressured
cheeks buckle and distend
gargoyle bliss

see those eyes
her eyes are blown
teeth cackle
shattering of faces in laughter and the return of masks

so earnest it's scary

record seizures
dislocation dancing
liquid semaphore
carving the air
electrocuted by syncopation
yearning delirium
farrago of sound
dark exultation
unspeakable pleasure-spasm
a terrible secret

happily we shiver
happily we shake

now I found a reason not to die - the spark inside
kindling the will
the will to nothingness

jagged time lapse
a thousand years of civilization fall away in a moment
ecstatic veneration of mental decline
stylized like the ecstasies savages go into beating the war drums
we didn't get a proletarian revolution
the only thing we got was style
styles of radical will

we are fireworks
burning shapes into the night
confound the dowdy flock
with our sharp honed verve
stiletto scorn
cold stares from old eyes in young faces
pride of the pack
painted birds
showing plumage on the terraces
glitter in the dark
twist and turn
burn burn burn

be-together around some Nothing
unity without aim
mobilisation without purpose
mission without meaning
propulsion without target
direction without destination

barmy armies
march into madness
madness is gladness
a ghost dance gathers
the last remaining zombie lumps of pop culture
moving at warp speed to nowhere

it won't change, it won't stop, it's incessant

(the sound switches off and all the dancing bodies collapse)

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