Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Youngsie sounds like a back-in-the-day jungle deejay or MC. A proper nuum name.

But it's actually Wire-beloved avant musician Richard Youngs, who's become infatuated with manic breakbeat edits and is combining that with what he usually does 




(via Jon Dale)

Release rationale for the first in this direction,"Ha Hey": 

Two months away from instruments and microphones. Two months with just a laptop. I had a jungle epiphany. The world of sound was wild again. So many possibilities. Discovering the joys of sample packs and raiding my own multi-tracks. How had I never known about tracker software?

This came together over a weekend. On the Monday I sent it to Sappo for that little extra. Red-hot master, everything through the rack, pushing decibels. Tuesday, act fast. Here it is.

Quite exciting, if too frenetic and chopped to get anyone to wind-their-waist (definitely more Third Eye Foundation or Shitmat than, say, Levicitus "The Burial").

Bonus points for putting "V.I.P." in a couple of titles. 

Rather different from what he's known for

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