Saturday, January 14, 2023

"the great music is always a riddle"

A lovely personal appreciation / reminiscence from Matthew Ingram at Woebot about his encounters with the mystic music of - and mysterious figures in - The Black Dog

Tangentially related - this "Contextual Mix" by Autechre weaves together a heap of tunes from 1992 or thereabouts that form the matrix out of which sprung Artificial Intelligence, the landmark Warp Records compilation of late '92 that was recently reissued. Technotronica that is still body-activating but is beginning to drift towards the edge of the dancefloor. It's over five hours long but it's well worth your time - I heard quite a few tunes I'd never come across before. Tracklist, helpfully identified by the nerd cru, is here

Is that splashy snare sound sampled from "Warning Sign" by Talking Heads? (Another appearance)


Pretty mad beatz - yet somehow not annoying, like so much of drill-and-bassy hyperjunglish stuff was. 

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