Wednesday, November 2, 2022

the new heavy me(n)tal (When Belgium Roiled the World)


- Mixmaster Morris aka The Irresistible Force sounds the rave alarm, September 1991, Melody Maker

A different viewpoint from Belgophile Caspar Pound of Rising High (who put out The Irresistible Force album)

Caspar's like, "Altamont? Bring it on, bring it on!"

More from Caspar Pound (plus a bit from Mark Archer of Nexus 21 / Altern-8) from an early 92 special issue of NME. 

Mark Archer still doffs to the cap to K-werk and the Belleville 3 while acknowledging that the genre has now escaped from ancestral clutches - "no-one can claim to have invented this monster called Techno". 

Here also is Joey Beltram in Melody Maker espousing a dark future techno whose spiritual homelands are Belgium and Brooklyn - and confessing to a love for actual heavy metal especially Sabbath (so perhaps hardkore tekno's spiritual homelands are Belgium, Brooklyn and Birmingham)

He also dismisses Frankie Knuckles and Tony Humphries as "old farty music" (shades of punk's Boring Old Farts dissage of the Old Wave)

When I interviewed Beltram in early '92, he claimed he was in the running to produce the next Metallica album!


Pearsall said...

It's true, Joey Beltram does have a very strong New York accent

Steve said...

I felt exactly the same when my mates would go and see Graeme Park and Mike Pickering at the Hacienda two years later. Swing yr pants US garage. Rubbish.