Monday, June 27, 2022

sample spotting sweetness (i know a different story)


vocal lick from this Candi treat 

the lickable bit appears in many other nuumy tunes 

                                                              classic obviously

Altern-8 tune also featuring eerie cavernous voice from Nitro Deluxe obscurity "On A Mission"

Gang Related / Mask is a killer that I either missed at the time - or got and then forgot.... 
Pingy-delic bass + dense contorted breakage + delish triggered-Candi voco-science

Connection tune woven almost entirely out of familiar already used licks breaks and samples but curiously - and this is characteristic nuum magic at work - is no less compelling or time's-passage-defying fresh  for all the apparent redundancy 

magic of Nuum = telling a different story with the same materials and ingredients, aka the changing same, aka Black music

E-Motion indeed

clearly sugarholics, Noise Overload also confected this supasweet spin on heaven-scented lovers rock swooner "Silly Games" by Ms. Janet Kay

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