Sunday, January 9, 2022

"music to be murdered by"


"storey"! -

Yet this tune did not make the recent Selectabwoy the Typo Mix  - droll concept, excellent selection/execution 

mix rationale: 

Well this is possibly the dumbest idea I've had yet: collating thirty of the most heinous spelling & grammatical errors in jungle/hardcore history and putting them in a mix.

Typos are one of many endearingly genuine hallmarks of homegrown, DIY scenes like hardcore and jungle, and I've always had a strange fascination with them. For the selection process, one very simple rule applied: a blatant mistake in the artist or track name had to be present on the original label or sleeve artwork. (Not really fair to shoot fish in a barrel, so 90s jungle compilations were deemed off-limits, the only exception being compilation exclusives).

Arguably the tracklist is the main event here, and I’ve included bonus details verbatim from the label/sleeve wherever I could find them, but as it turned out the mix itself was a joy to put together. Obscure research briefs like this usually throw up a few tunes I've never heard before, and as is often the case they're great ... some are phenomenal.

Shouts out and big <3 to the featured artists and labels; for the music of course, but also the casual oversight, wanton misuse of apostrophes, utterly inexplicable brainfarts, bad handwriting transcriptions by stoned artworkers, and anything else that made this selection possible.

A special thanks to Robbie @r-hawk for his creative assitance and the LLBCJ group for hosting the original typo thread ;)

Enjoy the mix.

Hopa-Bone's - O'K Coral [In Touch Records]
Cool Hand Flex - Rythm Flow (Assitant: MC Fats Carlton) [In Touch Records]
Cool Hand Flex - Melody Madnes (Re-Mix prod by Ronie Size) [In Touch Records]
Family Of Intelligence - Bonus (Dud Plate Mix) [Kemet]
Dillinger - Tear Down (da whole place) (produced by Dillinga) [Conqueror]
Underground - Weel And Come Again (Ing by Flex) [De Underground]
Ray Kieth - The Terroist Mixes - The Final Licks - Dub Plate (Part 2) [Ruff Kut!]
Ragu & Stalker - Love Comes 'N' Go's [Vinyl Addiction]
Brian Killers - Screw Face Part 3 (Mellow Mix) [Kemet/3rd Party]
Intelligent Jungalist - Barehedd One (Shout to all Intelligent Jungalists's) [Ruff Guidance]
88.3 feat. Lisa May - Wishing On A Star (Rouge Unit Dub Mix) [Urban Gorilla]
Wax Doctor - Kid Capprice [Metalheadz]
Protential Bad Boy - Murder Jumppan Sound [Redskin]
Kemet Crew (Briankillers/Schwarznegger) - For Real [Kemet]
Tom & Jerry - Shoaling Style (Vip Mix) [Riddim Track]
Asylum - Stepin'Hard [Metalheadz]
City Connection - Loosing My Mind [Labello Blanco]
Family Of Intelligence - Bounus Beat #1 [Kemet/3rd Party]
Brian Records Presents Bizzy B & Equinox - 7 Minutes of Maddness [Brain Records]
Dream Team - Survival Of There Fit [Joker]
Interrorogator - Break War (written by DJ Interrorogator, Simon Martin & Ant Mles) [Liftin' Spirit]
2.2 - Frist Klass [Blu Inc]
Kaos Theory - Sooth My Soul [Intalex]
Bab. B. Kane - Paradise (Bab. B. Kane & Ash Remix) [Kikman]
TDK - Illusion Of Ballance [Kemet]
Ratty - Source Of All Evil (DJ SS Remix) (A Tatse Of Things To Come EP) [Formation]
C. Biz - The Croud Says Rewind [Brain Records]
Leviticus - Cronic 1. Burial (Madamoselle Mix) [Philly Blunt]
The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly - A Fist Full Of Dollors [Ruff Kut!]
Subject 13 - The Uniqe Beatz EP Intense Remixes - Carear Come 1st (Widgy Grub Remix) [ULR]

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