Sunday, January 31, 2021

don't hold blapps



who were Blapps Posse? 

what does Blapps even mean?


Charlie w said...

Aston Harvey who was part of Blapps Posse went on to produce some of DJ Raps early tunes, most notably Spiritual Aura. Then he became one half of The Freestylers.


Blapps and Raps!

i didn't know that

Charlie w said...

Even "Brraaps" perhaps?

P M X said...

I remember hearing snippets of Blapps Posse on FM radio in Baltimore MD back in 90/91. DJ Frank Ski, who made the club classic 'Doo Doo Brown' - he had a radio show called The Thunderstorm on the now-defunct V103 where he'd play all these crazy records that influenced the Baltimore Club "sound" from white label 'ardcore he picked up in London to Cookie Crew and Blapps Posse. Mixing stuff like that with Art of Noise and Kraftwerk, definitely major for me growing up as a young teenager in the states!