Wednesday, December 16, 2020

2-Tone / Rough Tone

been thinking about connections between 2-Tone and rave / nuum

there are samples


Those from The Specials ("Friday Night, Saturday Morning" and "Monkey Man" respectively)

I'm sure there's one on Formation that samples the "heavy heavy monster sound" bit from Madness's "One Step Beyond"

Ah it came to me belatedly - Mastersafe, "Monster Sound"


The Madness tune is itself based on sampling - or rather it interpolates from Dave and Ansell Collins's "Monkey Spanner"


And then wheeling a lot further along the timeline - didn't Kode9 do a version of "Ghost Town"?

Yes indeed - him and Spaceape (RIP)

I'm sure there are others...

But this here is an unusually direct connection, if we count UB40 as on the edge of the ska / 2-Tone moment, which I think they were:

Rough Tone Recordings - UK Hardcore/Jungle/Drum & Bass Label set up in 1992 as a side project by UB40 member Earl Falconer together with Reggae trumpet player Patrick Tenyue and sound technician Gerry Parchment. They also formed the main act E.Q.P. and promoted the Earthquake raves in Birmingham.


EQP Music, Rough Tone Records


And lo and behold a sample from the Specials - "Why" - the same EP that produced the "No Sleep Raver" / 4 Hero sample,  "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" being the other of the two B-sides to "Ghost Town". On TNT's "Till the Last Sucker Drops" on the EQP label. 

EQP's real claim to fame, this demented tune

More tuff tuneage from Rough Tone Recordings 

decent tuneage 


Ed said...

The fantastic Same Old Show by Basement Jaxx, too!


yes that's an amazing tune although I would put Basement Jaxx in a different lineage

although now I think about it, one of them was in Tic Tac Toe of "Ephemerol" fame, so yeah, that's nuum

Pearsall said...

Another one would be Austin's 'The Austin EP' on Suburban Base, which even had a 2-Tone style sleeve, but never had a full release due to sample clearance issues


nice one