Friday, June 26, 2020

shoegazetronica slight return

with Emma from Lush on guitars and voice (although I can't hear either to be honest)

also (it says on Wiki) guitar on this

and (says Discogs) on this

and indeed much of the Everything Is Now album


sounds quite Slowdive-meets-One-Dove

The Drum Club were Spiral Tribe connected and had one really great tune

But after that nothing quite came together

It was all a bit wishy washy proggy housey and well yes Guerrilla Records

This verdict at Discogs is close to the mark I think -

"These guys are very floaty, hippy-esque, and loose...  No offense, but I have come to believe that pagans are weenies from listening to these guys, PWOG, and exquisite corpse. I like more oomph in my music. There needs to be more gusto to life than this."

Went to the actual Drum Club the club, at the Soundshaft on a Thursday ...     it was no Rage let's say (not that I ever got to Rage).  Mild and floaty. Probably heard records by Fluke and such like.

Nice chaps though -  shared a car with them (or one of them? can't remember), a whole bunch of us heading down to Castlemorton and not knowing what was in store for us

On the way, one of them explained what a "Doet" was -  as referenced in this track by the Tribe - or at least, what its effects were

Ah, didn't realise the name is actually the chemical abbreviation for a Shulgin creation, rather than a mangled injunction "Do It!"

Now that's actually a good track - I remember it from the Hardkiss comp / mix. Tasty bit of guitar. Crisp 'cussion.

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