Monday, April 13, 2020

"j'ai peur" ( transmissions du côté obscur)

at least i think that's what she's saying

darkside en Francais

this one is a beaut - ruff yet smooth

less smooth prototype

smoother alternate mix

somehow the works of D.O.P.E. have bypassed me until this point

excellent stuff

postscript 4/15

according to Original Chills in comment, the "j'ai peur" sample is sourced in this Belgian techno track

from 1991 so that's proto-darkside that's very proto then

(although a lot of acid house was proto-darkside, so perhaps more accurate to say that darkside is a flavour, a strand, running right through the stick of Brighton rock that is housetechnorave)


original_chills said...

According to the discogs page ( it's a sample of Subsystem - J'ai peur


ah, interesting