Saturday, February 15, 2020

mystery tune # 12 - Wicked Riff

Don FM -  Ed Rush  + Ryme Tyme  - early 93?

"that's from the hardcore brothers - switch yer mobile on"


Charlie w said...


brill, thanks

i should really have got that one, shouldn't i

what a wicked tune

charlie w said...

Yes u should have! It was played widely after all. But i always find it remarkable the sheer variety of music played between a from 91-93 by the main djs in the scene. Tracklists at even the big raves are really diverse. Never mind all the obscurities played on the pirates (plus the pace of progression) Hence, it's quite easy for relatively well known tunes of the time to still be on people's unknown lists. hope this makes you feel a bit better, lol!