Friday, January 24, 2020


i do love the label's graphics


but also love the sonics inside the packaging

this one - watch your bassbins i'm telling ya

that one made the glass shake in my window frames

another genius piece of darkbleep

Network's attempt at pop crossover

although they actually achieved it with this lot

nexus 21 in 'rave loons' alias

hark at the Nitro Deluxe "on a mission" sample in that last tune - even as rave japesters they knew their history (i've long thought "Let's Get Brutal" / "This Brutal House" = THE bleep'n'bass prototype)

and fuck me another Nitro Deluxe sample in this tune - this time plucked from "Brutal" itself

post not exactly in honour of, but in acknowledgement of this recent publication

whose contents i cannot comment upon, not having been sent it  (go figure indeed) but i expect it's a necessary and thorough work


Eli Bee said...

That True Faith record was produced by none other than a pre-UR Jeff Mills...


no way

thirdform said...

yeah, original came out in 1989. True Faith with Final Cut. True Faith of course Jeff Mills himself, and ur started 1990.