Saturday, October 26, 2019

PiLheads in the garridge?

i wonder if this was inspired by "Swan Lake" aka "Death Disco" by PiL?

seems unlikely with your nuum, but you never really know

quite a few of them have a secret postpunk connection

e.g. Dem 2 would you believe, one of them had a postpunk past

either that or a 2-Tone one

ah but talking about the ska / rocksteady traces in nuum

this, this here could quite possibly be a sideways inspiration for "Death Disco"

and hey i did not know that Madness did a version, and in more or less the same time-period as PiL

that's weird that cos in the 2-Tone chapter in Rip It Up - which follows directly after the PiL / Metal Box chapter, i start by contrasting "Gangsters" and "Death Disco", the Specials mono debut LP and the stereodubspacious Metal Box...

That version of "Swan Lake" by, hahahaha, Swan-E  - a cover which is funnily enough titled "Gangster" -  weird chains of echoes here - that was on the Cage Underground label.

The same little short-lived label that put out the marvellous Napa-Tac trak

"L-o-o-o-ndon Massive!"

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