Thursday, August 22, 2019

mystery bliss 1 & 2

thieves the gaseous-bliss diva from "Sound of Eden", makes even gassier-blissier use of it

stumbled on this by chance and realised it's one of a big batch of mystery trax   - result! - that i never got around to turning into videoclips so's the massive could help identify them

here's one the massive helped me with before


what do you think, shall I finally do the remaining 25 tunes for the trackheads to ID?


Ian_s said...

Yes, put them up! Or just the main samples as that's the easiest for IDing.

'Learn To Love' by Princess of the Posse is a great tune as well, Labello Blanco is one of my favourite labels... hit the sweet spot for me of breaks, melancholic piano and streetsoul drenched chipmunks.


okay will do - cheers Ian