Friday, March 1, 2019

proto jungle

middle bit of this (from about 3.22 in), aka, "Danse", gets quite proto-junglistic

made in 1970!

Petite Suite (1970) I.Prélude II. Arioso III. Danse IV. Sérénade V. Toccata Groupe de Recherches Musicales de L'O.R.T.F. Each deliberately concise piece refers to a traditional musical form, both anecdotally and instrumentally. Successively: "Prelude", tuning and instrumental departure; "Arioso", dramatic form located between the air and the recitative (moans, cries, breaths, etc.); "Dance", simple and steady rhythm and energetic increase of contents; "Serenade", serenade (violin melody, vocals, music boxes, laughter, lullabies); "Toccata", finally, the brilliance, the fantasy and the virtuosity. The original elements of drum and guitar are due to Michel Foudrinoy and Jean-Pierre Vassout.

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