Tuesday, February 19, 2019

the revenant rush

this is my fave tune off the Pearsall new-old skool mix in the previous post 

uncanny  - a simulacrum so faithful and precise it's like time travel

but  that tune is 7 years old in itself  so to hear it now is to truly get lost in the atemporal zones innit

this one also good not quite as a rushgasmic

another wicked one from the Frenzy Journey EP

snips n clips from the whole EP

another (and in fact the only other) EP on KHK Records - Sample Case

the label was based in Finland!

Yell-O-Phase, the label founder, carries on with releases on labels with names like Paranoid, Switchblade DigitalRavenoyz Recordings  (that one's based in the Canary Islands!) and Raveskool Recordings

each one of which could be a rabbit hole into a micro-universe of retrorave

but i got things to do today, and perhaps (as much as I've enjoyed listening to these Thumps and Bumps and Yell-O-Phase tunes) possibly better things to do with my life

or do I?

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