Thursday, August 23, 2018

vintage 96 rollige

except it was recorded in 2017!

no, but it's great stereo-panning rhythmic psychedelia

like a lost batch of barely recognisable remixes of Goldie tunes done by Source Direct and Hidden Agenda

lead track of OneMind's debut album OneMind presents OneMind

(via Tim Finney)


it still sounds


the future

to me

very odd, that - cos i know it's not, that it's a now classic sound-style...

that it's history... legend...

a mythic and mythologized era

(hell, I done mythologized it myself - not single-handedly but certainly made an outsize contribution there!)

i know that we've gone past this and are looking back at it in the rear-view mirror

except that listening, it feels open and wide and forward-leaning - a full-speed ahead windshield view

perhaps it's just a trick of memory, how I felt then flooding back involuntarily

or that it's all so imprinted in my neurology and brain pathways that those sounds can't be heard any other way

it's not like I don't feel that feeling about some things happening today

(more so than 2009-2010)

but yeah, it feels like  my ears are staring out at a vista, a frontier, when I listen to it

if i played it to my beats and bleeps mad son, I wonder if he's be able to tell it was from the past ?

(not literally from the past obviously, in actual fact made virtually yesterday)


in ate said...

There's a lot of interesting and varied stuff coming out on Headz these days. If you can accept the music doesn't move mountains anymore there's lots to enjoy.

Simon said...

who do you recommend?

in ate said...

If you want updated versions of classic Headz sounds then there is good stuff from throughout the last 4 years of releases. For more interesting and novel approaches the various Scar, SB81, kid Drama. Detboi releases are a good place to start. Detboi and Kid Drama in particular.

in ate said...

If you're enjoying the stereo panning drums plus atmospherics the Blocks and Escher and Dom and Roland Headz albums also offer hi tech old thrills

Simon said...

nice one In Ate

in ate said...

Would be good to ur thoughts on them if they inspire any