Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"the ghosts of '94"

[also via Jon Dale]

re-e-wind the clock of time for further memoradelic jungalizm courtesy Chris Adams of Hood

that track is the most Amentalist of the emanations on Shadows of the Short Days

the rest is more disassembled and time-corroded, the missing link between Third Eye Foundation and The Caretaker maybe...

while this is like vintage IDM when it was good (i.e. before it was known as IDM)

some earlier Downpour "drum and bass seances" that be "summoning up the ghosts of '94"

including this tune which was among my faves of 2017 - whatever that actually means in this time-scrambled era-not-era   - especially given it's ghosting of "Sovereign Melody"

(and in fact checking i see that while I heard it in 2017 it actually came out in 2016)

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