Sunday, May 7, 2017

dubplate archaeology

via Steeve Cross, a piece on Dominic Angas - the Dom in Dom & Roland - and his nuum-archaeologist quest for rare jungle & d+b  dubplates - including his own long-lost tune "The Trap" that got played out at Metalheadz at the Blue Note - but never got a proper release

(writes Dave Jenkins) "The Trap" was / is "a thundering, high-pressure amen workout shrouded in ghostly atmospheres that perfectly capture the mood, energy and creativity of the era. Grooverider was the only known DJ to have “The Trap” on dubplate and the sole master DAT tape was lost somewhere in the haze of weed smoke and excitement between Dom’s studio and Music House."

this quest has led to the project  Dubs From The Dungeons  "a series of mid-to-late-90s classics that were the sole preserve of Blue Note’s frontier elite and never-before-released"

initially  Dom + R dubs like this

but soon to expand to "similarly heavyweight peers’ private collections... [including] Dillinja’s massive dubplate dungeon" which will seed  “Acid Rollers” b/w “End Of The Line” 

Remember liking some of D+R's tunes a lot at the time - dark dank doom-laden amorphousness - but overall it's not a phase (96/97) I've revisited - that goes for No U Turn too for some reason, and I loved loved LOVED that stuff at the time. it was the last blast (not that I knew it, then) of my jungle-D&B passion - literally the end of the line

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