Wednesday, December 14, 2016

and some not-very-original (indeed rather tardy) retrojunglist nostalgiaKORE- from 2016, precisely

shit be played out, to put it mildly, conceptually

entertainingly executed though

also from the FACT Top 50 albums list is this, coming more from a Caretaker/Death of Rave angle

bandcamp commenters say variously:

Like hearing a 90s rave through a long dark tunnel. The music evokes massive nostalgia and a mixture of joy and sadness. Exquisitely done, the snatches of recognisable tunes only adds to the feeling of otherness and times gone by.Favorite track: The Voices of Time.


Brilliant follow-up to the classical electronics of Chrysalis, perfectly tapping into the recent welcome nostalgia for early-'90s rave and jungle, in a distinctly sui generis fashion.Favorite track: Genesis 92: The Awakening.

Do me a fucking favour - this is almost literally a replay of Caretaker's The Death of Rave. 

The Death of Rave, with added guff. Viz, the press release:
Bristol, England-based sound artist and producer Sophia Loizou...  builds on the framework of [2014's] Chrysalis for her most ambitious offering to date. Ghostly remnants of hardcore and early jungle percolate throughout while fragments of radio transmissions seep in and out through tape-based processes and spectral processing, leaving the listener in a hauntingly beautiful landscape filled with both solidity and disintegration. Bringing back the times of pirate radio, almost like lost transmissions from beyond the grave, this work provides a sense of intimacy and familiarity during the contemporary full-speed acceleration toward unknown futures. Exploring its audiences' anxieties surrounding technological utopias while retaining an emphasis on nurturing human value when facing inhuman forces, Singulacra engages with the potential loss of human essence amid technological progress toward artificial intelligence.
12 years after The Death of Rave!
And 18 since Jega's retro-ardkore!


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