Thursday, October 20, 2016

squat acid

back in the day, always liked the idea of liking this stuff, for its spirit

and for the title of the comp It's Not Intelligent... It's Not From Detroit... But It's Fuckin' Aving It!!!

the reality though...

it's a bit wearing

i wonder why i find it more wearing than gabba, which is faster and more punitive?

often the inspiration seems to extend as far as the artist name and the track title

okay i am highly amused by these


Michal said...

BTW Do you know this one:


I remember the title (ha!) but not the tune but then this is a genre where I struggle to identify the identifying features, a sign perhaps of lack of investment in it

Michal said...

Incidentally, have you heard about stuff which was often called "Schranz", a kind of harder-than-hard techno which late, great Dj-Rush has championed and "evolved" into?

I wonder how you see it in contrast to gabba ;)