Wednesday, April 20, 2016

emerging genius, or, "You Didn't Auteur"

a fierce mix by Brian Badonde entirely of formative Dillinja, all from '93, i.e. before his Classic Era kicks off

(via Drumtrip)

interesting concept - "good, not great" / the Years of Emergence -  and i wonder what  are the other producers to which you could apply that approach? they'd have to be prolific enough to have made a mix's worth of formative material

Going back to Dillinja, i don't think i've heard hardly any of these on the mix tracklist....

T1. Dillinja – Steal The Way [DILL 01]
2. Capone – Lock Me Out [DILL 02]
3. Dillinja – Forever Fierce [DILL 01]
4. Capone – Dark Influence [DILL 02]
5. Dillinja – From Beyond [DILL 03]
6. Dillinja & Clarky – Sinewave [DILL 04]
7. Dillinja – Ride It Hard [DILL 03]
8. Dillinja & Clarky – Dark Science [DILL 04]
9. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled A1) [DILL 05]
10. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled A1) [DILL 06]
11. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled A2) [DILL 05]
12. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled A2) [DILL 06]
13. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled B1) [DILL 05]
14. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled B1) [DILL 06]
15. Capone – Black Wax EP (Untitled B2) [DILL 05]
16. Dillinja – Majestic B-Line EP (Untitled B2) [DILL 06]
17. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled A1) [DILL 07]
18. Dillinger – Test /2/ (Untitled A1) [DILL 08]
19. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled A2) [DILL 07]
20. Dillinger – Test /2/ (Untitled B1) [DILL 08]
21. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled B1) [DILL 07]
22. Dillinger – Test /2/ (Untitled B2) [DILL 08]
23. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Untitled B2) [DILL 07]
24. Underworld – The Rising [KARL 001] *Mix Finale*
A few I've got on vinyl but they didn't leave that great an impression - but most of them, even their existence was unknown to me...

Not sure why i haven't delved into Dillinja's prehistory like I have with other cherished and revered artists (e.g Foul Play, got the lot...  4 Hero got the lot, near-about anyway.. Gerald got or at least heard the lot... )

Now this really ought to give me impetus to revive the Hardcore Heroes Series of blogposts from last year, which petered out.  Those were also meant to entail me making - for my private amusement -  a bunch of Hardcore Auteur "tapes" : collations, on disc or just in my computer, of everything they did of that's any cop at all, every last B-side and alter-ego release, plus remixes of others too - all laid out in chronological sequence.... 

it's so easy to do nowadays with YouTube etc

Contrary to what Badonde says though....

 "a far cry from his subsequent jungle works but instantly recognisable as his given the signatory big breaks, loud production and low hard hitting basslines"

.... I think with this early pre-great Dillinja, what's apparent is actually the lack of the signature that becomes so apparent later - it sounds perfectly generic darkcore to me (while also being triffic fun) and in that sense supports Pauline Kael's critique of the Auteur Theory, this idea that you go through a director's complete uuurv from star to finish and you find their signature in even the genre exercises, the hack work

With the Mighty D, the signature only really emerges with..... probably with "Sovereign Melody" or "Deep Love" or "Deadly Deep Subs", right?....

It flourishes

And then, strangely, the signature erases itself, as D becomes a D&B journeyman churning out the nasty-bass crowd-pleasers

A genius who emerges from scenius and is then re-subsumed into it

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