Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the musician as outsider

Named after the Colin Wilson book, presumably?

That period of late 90s Reinforced got well congested - Vortexion, Arcon 2, The Sonar Circle, Nucleus and Paradox, Seiji, Alpha Omega, Procedure 769 etc

But good to see them lot sticking to their guns as late as this

Quite possibly still sticking to their guns although 2011 is the latest emission from P Man as far as i can tell

Talking of people sticking to their guns...

A young man I met at a class on electronic music last week told me I should really check out what Doc Scott's label 31 Records is doing

I was like, 31 Records is still going?

Remembering "Shadowboxing" as some kind of pinnacle of the 20th Century, but not much else by them...

This was the comp he recommended I believe

Liking this stuff a lot actually

this tune in particular

this one good too

checked this one out for the name frankly - Ghost Warrior

The young man also said to check out D-Bridge's label Exit

that one's quite ruff and churny

I fear it's a bit late for me and D&B though...

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Daze Of Reality said...

The Future Beats thing is a great compilation, a few dubstep paced tunes and a lot of differently timed d&b. The first new vinyl I had bothered buying in some years when it came out. I understand your ambivalence about d&b post-1997, although I don't share it - there was a lot of good ideas in there, and I think the post-dubstep atmosphere freed them up somehow. An unformulated thought of mine, but I'm enjoying new d&b much more than I was 10 years ago anyway.