Thursday, January 22, 2015

Luka - Luke Davis, blogging legend - presents a 1001 track YouTube playlist

"centred around London and it's musical culture including, important and righteous documents concerning the birth of a distinctive UK MC culture with its roots in soundsystems like Saxon, Unity and Sir Coxsone and flowering throughout the 90s and 00s with London heros, warriors, poets and saints such as Ragga Twins, Navigator, Det, 5-0, Remadee, Stevie Hyper D, Shabba D, Skibadee, Rodney P, Creed, PSG, Tek, Preshus, Mighty Moe, Bushkin, So Solid Crew, Pay As You Go Kartel, Roll Deep, More Fire Crew, Nasty Crew and many many more"

looks fantastic, although who does he think has 66 hours (rough estimate) to spare to listen to the whole thing?!

it's a sort of riposte to also alluring-looking 1000-song playlist compiled by Dan Caribou

(as flagged up by Woebot on Dissensus)

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