Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dove Plate Pressure

oddity stumbled across trawling YouTube

never heard of the label or the artist

groanworthy pun on Dubplate and Doves there

samples from LFO and Holy Ghost Inc

label nod to Nasty V and the Don FM Crew

even the chaff of this era is treasurable

oh lookee here, Dove Recordings is the name of the label

how many other labels named themselves after a brand of E?

Well there was E, the Ibiza imprint, but that's generic

A small discography but rated by at least some

dude at Discogs opines:

This label, although relatively unknown, produced some of the ruffest tunes available in 1993, in my opinion. Using dark and atmospheric samples Crazee M managed to capture the spirit of the Darkside era brilliantly and i would recommend this label to anyone who likes Darkside hardcore. Customs + Excise Volume One and Genesis The Sequel / The Message in particular are two fine pieces of plastic, just dont listen to them in a darkened room will you!

like a junior Ibiza, i would say

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