Thursday, September 18, 2014

babylon lovers

Tim Finney pointed me towards a bunch of song-y not track-y deep tech tunes - characterised by the tangy clash of rootical /soulful vocals and cold, clinical grooves

"One Spliff" is the most UKG-flashbacky track I've heard out of deep tech (wait til the dred-bass rolls out mid-song, and those echo-chamber siren-bleeps - very Gant "Soundbwoy Burial")

Sort of  Wookie "Battle" type mood/stance in that one (the actual A-side to the Hodgson record, although I slightly favor "One Spliff")

Prefer these rootical tracks to the soulful / songy ones on the whole but this is a nice example of the latter mode: 

Amusingly but OTM-ingly Tim brings up Faithless as a positive reference point

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