Sunday, January 5, 2014

aunterlogikal ardkore

From an LP entitled "Ghost Systems Rave" !

Clouds, seemingly not to be confused with the Finnish "bass music" outfit

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pete.devnull says

"These tracks are by some Scottish kids who used to do electro house bangerz before mutating into Blawanabees, now they seem to be fusing that sound with a bit more ravey stuff. Great production chops and I'm sure all these songs work quite well for the vast majority of parties where people are usually dancing more than they are thinking. But from a 'sitting in a chair listening to clips on the internet' perspective, it's all very "hard techno for people who don't like hard techno", with a little bit of "oldskool rave for people who don't like oldskool rave". Adequate composition skills and previously mentioned good production chops meet uninspired mechanical appropriation and genre sanitization. Sounds like they literally heard a special request tune and decided to throw a think break in one of their techno tracks, no actual mining of any of the quite cool and interesting existing instances of breakbeat/hardcore-meets-techno which are out there."