Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FACT  flag up a mix by Soulwax (from a few years ago, seemingly) that involves slowing down gabba and Belgian hardcore to 115 bpm.

Awesome it is indeed, but I have to disagree that the result "sounds vaguely soothing and almost... soulful".  Decelerating gabba doesn't transform it into jazzual  Kruder 'n Dorf type downtempo emollience.  The insurgency and raging madness survive the tempo drop.

In some ways, it becomes even more woozy and drug-fucked. 

No, you couldn't really imagine putting this mix on at a dinner party as background music. It's too imposing, too infernal.

The b.p.m. reduction technique shows that what made gabba and Eurohardcore so intense wasn't actually the speed, or at least not primarily the speed. It was certain musical structures, timbres, tonalities...  and a mood.

FACT also point to the video accompaniment of Nederlands ravers in sports wear or stripped to the waist, gurning and sweating, and say "if you didn’t know better you might think it’s one of the 100% Silk lot having a laugh at our expense," i.e. a hipster house pastiche, a spoof.

And it does look a bit like the retro-rave video to that Miracles Club tune " Church Song".

At first I assumed it was old footage digitally spliced from some rave video-pak merchandise type thing. But many of the Nederavers look at a bit mumsy and dadsy, plump and balding (techno slapheads, but not by choice). So I assume it was done recently and the concept is "gabba for the middle aged".

Just my cup of tea, then.

(Via Eli Bingham)

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