Monday, March 4, 2013

"I'm Different"?

Couldn't really be much more the-same, the-generic, the-like-everybody-else! From delivery to content to beat....

Which is not to say it doesn't great coming out your radio, driving through LA

As Joy perceptively noted, the icy plink piano refrain would, in a movie, indicate emotions like sorrow, trepidation, sadness, doubt, regret, dread

It seems to undercut the bluster of the MC

Smore changing same ratchet rap from the local rap station Power FM

And this one from Juicy J

Again with the melancholy-eerie refrains in the background

Heard something really great yesterday on Power FM but the deejays never identify  and i didn't think to write any lyrics down to google later ....  it was a cut above, though, in the complexity of the production, the mood ...  808-snares taking the military rat-a-tat-tat thing to the point where they were verging on this textural shear slashing across the track

[Goes to Billboard Hip Hop Chart]

Ah, it was this -

Tyga, who did my favorite rap tunes of last year

Now Future, he's good, yeah, I can see that -  but in my humble Tyga's better - or rather, the beatmakers who work for him are

i mean, yeah, Tyga, as MC-ing, it's pernicious and offensive, if effective, nonsense

but these beats

they really cut the Mustard


i haven't got around to checking out drill  properly yet, but i got a feeling i'm going to like it

a  lot more than cloud rap at any rate

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