Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Funny video (Dizzee's filled out some, hasn't he?)

The bassline's a bit... on the boring side, though, don't you think?

Something about the pogo-ish feel of the track make me of these guys

Rotterdam Terror Corps, as in "Poing"

as in "Bass Be Louder"

as in "Bass!"

as in "Bass Dominion"

as in "Appelflap" - okay that doesn't fit the bass-ic theme but i included it cos it's a collab with my old gloomcore fave Dr. Macabre

Gabba is still pretty popular then, I gather


So this is Belgium, presumably?

Hainaut... yes, Belgium.

The French speaking bit, as opposed to the Flemish regions abutting the Homeland of Gabber.

The sound ("hardstyle"?) is yet another case of "frozen future", "arrested futurism"

imagine the future as a distorted 909 kick stomping on a human hallfloor - FOREVER

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