Tuesday, September 4, 2012

who knew Suburban Base made promos for some of their early singles? (See the earlier post on Sonz of A Loop Da Loop Era)

in my mind i always connect the Rachel Wallace tune with this Manix tune "Reach Out" featuring "Marie Antoinette"

and here's a "rude dub" from the US House  Remixes EP that followed the Heading to the Light EP proper

And there's a Bump Mix too, a preview flicker of 1997's bump n' flex, complete with unctuous saxual healing.  If they weren't so intent on following the pallid NY/NJ template so exactly-- that after hours, Mark Kinchen vybe -- if they'd ruffed it up a bit...  who knows, Reinforced Cru could have invented speed garage four years ahead of schedule.

oh and here's a here's a happy hardcore rmx -- "the Huffy Extended Bounce" version!

but wait a minute, on the label (of the original EP) it's not feat. Marie Antoinette, it's feat. Mark Douglas....

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