Monday, June 4, 2012

the new issue of Dancecult journal  - Dancecult  4.1  -- is out and it's particularly cultic 
as it is a special issue focusing on "the exodus of psytrance"

articles include:

Seasoned Exodus: The Exile Mosaic of Psyculture --  Graham St John

Full Penetration: The Integration of Psychedelic Electronic Dance Music and Culture into the Israeli Mainstream - --- Joshua I. Schmidt

“What are we doing here?” Nostalgic Desires for a Cosmopolitan Sensory Aesthetic in the Amsterdam-based Psytrance Scene --- Eva-Maria Alexandra van Straaten

Spaces of Play: The Spatial Dimensions of Underground Club Culture and Locating the Subjunctive
--- Alice O'Grady

Aurora Festival and the Sacred Rituals of Samothraki: Past, Present... What Future?
--- Chiara Baldini

Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture -- Kyer Wiltshire and (me old mucker) Erik "Techgnosis" Davis
Unveiling the Secret: The Roots of Trance --- Dave Mothersole (not quite me old mucker but the brother of an old mucker -- an actual Stud sibling -- yes the real life brother of one of the (Legendary) Stud Bros (Ben) and the person I first ever heard about Goa from (this  a good few years before the words "Goa Trance" ever uttered, back  in 88 when it was all Front 242 and Pet Shop Boys 12 inch remix instrumental versions that got played at the beach raves)

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